Legal Videography Services

Accident Reconstruction :

Video composite accident reconstructions can have a profound impact on jurors. While being very economical, they allow the juror to see a real-life simulation of what occurred.  

Pozzi Productions' detailed videos are able to show the jury exactly what they need to see to understand your case. Often to the point that jurors will gasp or flinch when the moment of truth occurs.

Day in the Life:

Day-In-The-Life Videos, when produced correctly, can be a major contributor to the success of your case. The video should show the jury not just what happens during the victim's day, but also how it affects the victim and his or her loved ones. A quality Day-In-The-Life video must have a true beginning and end, and when done correctly, should make the jury forget there is a camera in the room.

Settlement  Documentary Videos :

The Video Settlement Documentary (SDV) is a powerful and effective documentation of your client’s case prepared especially for the parties at risk. A SDV can cover, causation, liability and damages. Legal Video Services will work with you and your legal team to create a persuasive multi-media presentation that incorporates, interviews, depositions, photos, video, graphics and a professional voice-over.


The most effective way to present a video at trial is to have it synchronized with the written transcript. Using trial presentation software such as DepoView.  Synchronized videos can be played along with the transcript so that every word can be clearly understood. Clips of the video can be easily created for quick playback of particular sections of the transcript.

Video Depositions

Each of our videographers is a Certified Legal Video Specialist or has been trained by one.  Our equipment was designed specifically to capture the testimony of each individual effectively, accurately and unobtrusively.  Our professional staff can set up in minutes.  Our equipment records with a redundant digital backup to ensure no testimony is missed.  Our support staff can provide an array of other services to enable you to acquire the best possible outcome.

Expert Witness Testimony:

In almost every matter, the expert’s testimony is a necessity and is expected by the opposing parties. This is especially true in cases where the issues are difficult to interpret and define. It is therefore beneficial to have key expert witnesses interviewed on-camera for the documentary presentation. We all know these witnesses add credibility to the plaintiffs claim, but a well-made point of fact enhanced with demonstrative evidence may be enough to solidify the ambiguities of certain facts and make the case. For a non-physical injury matter, it is best to have key family members’ testimony buttressed with that of the expert witnesses. In this way for instance, a forensic psychologist or a traumatic brain injury (TBI) medical expert can validate what the family has communicated throughout the video about the victim’s life changes.

Just as with seeing and listening to key family members tell the story of the victim and the life that once was, viewing the expert witness on-screen supported with demonstrative evidence makes for a clear, concise and effective presentation of the facts.

Video Site Inspection:

A video site inspection can be utilized as an effective demonstrative aid to documenting a wide variety of issues to either preserve evidence, or record an expert witness’ examination of an item or device. Video inspections are essential for recording vehicle testing, product defects, on-the-job injury matters, premises liability, and eminent domain cases, just to name a few.

For construction defect matters, video site inspections are imperative for documenting the presence of mold, grading and sloping issues; improper framing, stucco, siding and roofing failures, as well as other problems. Preserving this type of evidence for trial can be critical for your client’s claim.

Inspection videos can also be effective for documenting and preserving pre-construction surveys whereby the property boundaries, ingress and egress are videotaped along with the property’s existing landscape and hardscape to demonstrate pre-construction conditions or temporary and/or permanent construction easements.

Unlike still photography, video can show more effectively the spatial relationships of a scene for line-of-sight safety issue, an office layout, warehouse or parking lot, intersection, or scene of an accident.


Legal videos has become a highly effective tool that can be a very important part of the legal process. Our videographers will provide state-of-the-art digital synchronization video which gives the ability to access, edit, and present video clips with ease. The end result will be a polished video synchronized with the reporter’s transcript.

Our Services Include: