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"Recruiting today has a very different look compared to a decade or two ago. During that time, athletes would begin getting serious about the recruiting process during their junior year in high school and narrow down their official visits prior to signing day in November of the following fall. Correspondence was done by snail mail and observing tournaments that actually declared a winner. Yes, they would play in double elimination tournaments and would learn what it takes to crawl out of the loser’s bracket and fight back to play on the final day of the tournament.

In today’s world of communication with email and the internet, we receive many highlight video’s to show the athletes skills. These are very important for many programs that do not have the budget to recruit often in person and a quality clip can make the difference in enhancing a coach’s interest.  Most of the information we receive today is through online resumes that include links to video footage. For most, this footage will be the first impression and makes a coach decide how hard they want to actively pursue this player. But for your highlight video to be effective, you need to know specifically what coaches are looking for".

-Mike Candrea

Highlighting your key strengths and skills college coaches can utilize to identify the type of talents they need to successfully support their collegiate sports programs. Our highly specialized services are competitively priced and designed to meet the evolving needs and expectations of the college community.

In the competitive world of college sports, you have to take advantage of every opportunity to showcase your special sports skills. Our professional video is a one on one opportunity to work with a professional who knows and understands how to help college coaches see the quality of your talents.

Remember, you might only get one shot to be seen by the coach from a school you want to attend, so make it count with a small investment.

We shoot specific plays for each position designed for the specific needs of your sport. A “shoot” consists of a professional quality two/three-camera production, the proper production sequence and camera angles required for your sport. We also provide a former Div I softball player to coach and assist you during the shoot. These videos are a great investment in a young athlete’s future.




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