Congratulations to:

Nicolby Abaroba- Brazilian National Team

Breanna Holiday- Iowa State University

Celisha Walker- New Mexico State University

Kandi Kuder- Stetson University

Julianne Surane- Samford University

Hayley Condon- San Jose State University

Shannon Kaufman- Sacramento State University

Dorothy Morentin- San Jose State University

Kaili Nakao- The University of Hawaii

Jazmin Rodriguez- Long Island University

Vanessa Elmore- Missouri Southern State University

McKenna Smith- University of Toledo

Nicole Adair- Santa Barbara City College

Lisa Zeitlin- Santa Barbara City College

Samantha Stark- UC Santa Barbara

Heather Leigh- University of Arkansas

Rachel Dodd- Carleton College

Victory Belz- Los Angeles Baptist College

Henry Horn- Cal State Northridge University

Dominic DeVille- College of Marin

Dana Thomsen- Humboldt State University

Courtney Ludlow- University of Redlands

Darin Newman- University of Massachusetts

Taylor Matthews- Williamette University

Brittany Veller- Providence College

Joelle Krist- University of Arizona

Angelica Terrel- San Francisco State University

Amber Rose- Humboldt State University

Joshua Belda- Chico State University

Austin Albertson- Skidmore College

Sami Mericle- Oberlin College

Kayleen Belda- San Francisco State University

Julia Malet- Bryant University

Kayla Douglas- Southern Oregon University

       Julia Tomczak- University of California Santa Barbara

Maddie Crull- Denison University

Hannah Politzer- Humboldt State University

Kristine Ricossa- Sonoma State University

Brie Gerhardt - Lehigh University

Nicole Marino- University of California Santa Barbara

Hayley Gazdik- Chapman University

Joshua Belda- Chico State University

Mari Molina- Stetson University

Vanessa Gillis- Champan University

Lexie Raasch-  Southern Oregon University

C.J Jackson- Rutgers University

Alexis Silinonte- Rutgers University

Janaea Mason- San Marcos

Catherine Jensen- University of Dayton

Cameron Bassile - Linfield College

Jessica Celli- Suffolk University

Jaden Krist - Sonoma State University

*Coach Cheek at Humboldt loved the video you made for Dana. We would not have gotten there with out your help.  -Will T.

*Bre Pozzi from Pozzi Productions really understands the athlete and captures the best on Video as well as provides the best personal attention. Bre knows what the coaches want to see and puts together a Video that brings out the best in a player. This video is what lead an invitation for Nicolby to try out for the Brazilian National Team.   -Robin A.

*As a parent of a travel ball player, the resource that Pozzi Production provides is immeasurable. Having the ability to get my daughter's name to college coaches, plus the chance for them to see her perform is a great advantage for her. It gives the college coach a name, face and to see her in action. Great job on the video! Can't thank you enough!!!  -Mary W.

*Breana spent about an hour and a half with Rachael in the LACES gym filming her do a stand up introduction ("Hi.  My name is Rachael Dodd. . .") and then a series of "skills & drills" (free throws, ball handling, post moves, jump shots, etc.).  Then she took the game tapes that I had borrowed from Coach Keith and she edited and produced a finished DVD that includes the stand up, Rachael's contact information, a 1-2 minute ESPN-style "highlights", the "skills & drills" and then a complete and unedited game (against Bell Jeff in Phoenix as suggested by Coach Smith).  The cover included Rachael's contact information, her high school and club coach contacts, the LACES pages on, and photos we purchased online from maxpreps.  - Iann D.

*I wanted to let you know that Catherine was offered a Division I scholarship to play for the University of Dayton! She is very excited. Thanks for everything ! - Kurt J.

Hi Breana-

Just wanted to let you know that Nicole has accepted an offer and verballed to UC Santa Barbara as of today. Thank you again for your outstanding video.

Vince Marino, DPM

Breana, I can only tell you that you have been a pleasure.  You communicate, you are friendly, you listen, you advise, you are a true professional!!  If I can be of assistance as a referral, please let me know.

-Brad T

Hi Malia,

My name is Katie Moy and I am the assistant softball coach at Southern Oregon University. After watching your skills video, our staff would like to have you up for a visit. I know it is short notice, are you available the weekend of November 8th? Please let me know if you are interested in visiting ou program!